Grain Conditioning

Quequén Plant

Our plants are equipped with technology for grain conditioning which ensure the maximum preservation of its qualities and characteristics which allow the maximum use of its components.

We have a Lab and Sampling Area to analyze samples and to classify grains according to their quality and their commercial destination to guarantee their profitability. This process starts with the identification of humidity levels to and continue with grain drying, and it finishes with storage in our silos considering the grain characteristics to be commercialized later on.

All our storage spaces are equipped with temperature and humidity control to preserve grains at their best conditions.

Bahía Blanca Plant

Our plant is equipped with a grain dryer of 150 tn/h, a storage cell of 10 thousand tonnes and 4 vertical silos of 1000 tonnes of capacity each. These facilities allow us to condition grain and keep goods in excellent preservation and health conditions for storage and commercialization.

Moreover, the premises have storage infrastructure of our own raw material that are necessary for the production of the wide variety of animal balanced feed that form our product line.