You can find in our lines of Atrium balanced animal feed, the formulas you are looking for to achieve your productive goals.

Atrium is the name of the new achievement of Alea y Cía. S.A.

It is our best recipe for each stage in animal growth and our first manufactured product that is prepared with our own high quality raw material.

It is the result of making our desire come true: being part of the agro-productive chain as well as diversifying the product and services offering of the company after 25 years of experience.

Besides, we commercialize a broad variety of byproducts to complement your livestock nutrition (wheat bran pellets, sunflower pellets, hi pro soya pellets, soybean pellets, barley rootlet pellets, soybean expeller, barley grains with a screening of 2.2 mm, among others).
To learn about our animal nutrition products and by-products lines, we invite you to visit Atrium webpage, or, you can search us in IG as @atriumnutricion.

Our plant facilities in Bahía Blanca are approved by The Customs and Senasa (The National Service of Health and Quality Agricultural products for human consumption) that allow us to supply both the domestic and foreign market.


Guaranteed Quality

We produce our own raw material to guarantee nutritional levels of each variety of Atrium products that offer to your livestock all that they need.

Tailor-Made Formulas

You can achieve your productive goals with nutrition lines that suit your productive plan. Ask for special formulas and nutrition diet programmes with our technical advice.

Product Variety

We have a complete nutrition product for each animal growth stage to ensure strong, healthy livestock with good weight gain.

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