Efficiency, promptness and quality in services to the agricultural producer.


We have two plants located in Quequén and Bahía Blanca, with a capacity of 60 and 10 thousand tonnes respectively, for storing, classifying and preserving grains according to quality and business destination.


Our plants in Quequén and Bahia Blanca are equipped with dryers that allow for conditining and keeping the goods sound and safe meant to be stored and commercialized.


Our lab is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology to analyse both our samples and third-party samples following the highest standards required for each crop in an export market that is getting more demanding.


We produce crops that are both commercialized in the domestic and foreign markets that comply to the strictest traceability requirements. We also monitor and assess our activities sustainability.


We celebrate agreements with farmers of the región to boost opportunities of third-party production with common goals as part of sustainable practices.


Our production decisions are based in the use of technologies of setting that allow us to work each lot individually which maximizes the yields.


We follow crop monitoring protocols to ensure the traceability of the different products for both the local market and export.


We are focused on fulfilling the increasing demands of the food and agriculture industries. Thus, we have started to develop a sustainability program that guide us to open new markets of both own and third-parties production.

Work with us

We enjoy working as a team and enhancing our skills to grow together, creating motivating work environments that allow the development of each one of our collaborators.

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