Sitio 0 de Quequén

Connected to the world

We are part of Sitio 0 de Quequén S.A., a cutting-edge loading terminal that has allowed us to integrate the whole agricultural production chain.

The challenge of completing the business chain and offering direct way-out to the most important ports in the world started to shape as a group project with other companies of the sector.

After consolidating the Foreign Trade area in our company as well as various commercial destinations for our products, we began to dream about the chance of having a loading terminal that would optimize loading logistics in one of the main ports in Argentina.

Thus, together with Lartirigoyen y Compañía S.A., A & J Nari S.A., E- Grain S.A., CHS de Argentina and Cofco Agri, we inaugurated a new loading terminal at Quequén Port, which started to operate on March 2016.

Sitio 0 de Quequén S.A. is a advanced loading terminal that allows a significant time reduction, safe and sound goods preservation for commercialization and environment protection.

If you are interested in learning more about this undertaking, we invite you to visit Sitio 0 de Quequén S.A. website

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